The largest known PRIME number has 24, 862, 048 digits!!

It was confirmed on December 21st, 2018. 

The number is

282,589,933 - 1

282,589,933 is not a prime number.

It is an even number because all the 2’s are multiplied together.

The last digit of 282,589,933 is 2.

The new prime number is 282,589,933- 1.

So the last digit of the new largest prime number is 2-1 = 1

We can now find the largest known PERFECT Number!

It is 

(282,589,933 – 1)( 282,589,932)

The formula for PERFECT numbers is P = (2n– 1)( 2n-1) providing  

(2n– 1) is a prime.

The last digit of the largest known PERFECT number

should be 1 x 6 = 6.        It is!! All PERFECT numbers end is 6 or 8.

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