Rugby World Cup 2019 !

Rugby World CupTasks for your students to work on.

Involving making up the draw and organising the venues.

Predicting the results!

We can now find the largest known PERFECT Number!

It is 

(282,589,933 – 1)( 282,589,932)

The formula for PERFECT numbers is P = (2n– 1)( 2n-1) providing  

(2n– 1) is a prime.

The last digit of the largest known PERFECT number

should be 1 x 6 = 6.        It is!! All PERFECT numbers end is 6 or 8.

The largest known PRIME number has 24, 862, 048 digits!!

It was confirmed on December 21st, 2018. 

The number is

282,589,933 - 1

282,589,933 is not a prime number.

It is an even number because all the 2’s are multiplied together.

The last digit of 282,589,933 is 2.

The new prime number is 282,589,933- 1.

So the last digit of the new largest prime number is 2-1 = 1