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Welcome to the home of the new
Mathematical Digest

This is the site

for teachers of mathematics

for students of teachers of mathematics

for parents of students of teachers of mathematics.

The mathematical digest is written to give teacher’s interesting and useful mathematics lessons and problems to use in classes with their students.

Math lessons for maths teachers to use.

Math lessons for gifted and talented students!

Math lessons for all students!

cat parachute

bird wondering


It shows where math is used in our everyday lives.

Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to print any of the pages from this Mathematical Digest site. Use a colour printer!

New material is added throughout the year.

  • This site now has over 648 Mb of information.
  • There are well over 1000 pages.
  • More will be added this year.

It is looking good!

What is on the new Mathematical Digest web-site.

1a. Maths lessons for 13, 14, 15 year old students.  39 lessons
1b. Maths lessons for 12, 13 year old students. 32 lessons
1c. Maths lessons for 10, 11, 12 year old students. 35 lessons
2. Maths in the Movies. 26 projects
3a. Daily maths starters 13, 14, 15 year old students. 31 starters
3b. Daily maths starters 12, 13 year old students. 24 starters
3c. Daily maths starters 10, 11, 12 year old students. 26 starters
4. Train Trips. 6 trips
5. Unusual maths Trips. 15 trips
6. Codes. 16 codes
7. Short tricky problems for classes. 225 problems
8. The Lives of Famous Mathematicians. 24 maths people
9. The Golden Ratio. 6 sections
10. Artificial Intelligence in Maths. 4 sections
11. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. 15 tasks
12.  Cross Numbers. 9 tasks
13a. Algebra tests for 12, 13 year old students. 9 monthly tests
13b. Algebra tests for 13, 14 year old students. 9 monthly tests
13c. Algebra tests for 14, 15 year old students. 9 monthly tests
14. Mathematical Digests. 12 complete digests
15. Scholarship Maths Exams for 11, 12 yr old students. 3 Exams
16. Rugby World Cup. 4 tasks
17. Olympic Games problems. 15 tasks
18. Incentive stickers. 40 stickers
19. Useful Class Games. 6 games 
20. My life as a Teacher.