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 This is the site
    for teachers of mathematics
    for students of teachers of mathematics
    for parents of students of teachers of mathematics.

The site is written especially for gifted and talented students and maths teachers !

The Mathematical Digest gives teachers, parents, and students access to interesting and useful mathematics. It shows where maths is in our everyday lives.
The Mathematical Digest challenges students to solve mathematical problems!

Computer interactive challenges for students.

 Who wants to be a maths millionaire?      Computer interactive for students.
 Maths in the movies and television.      Computer interactive for students.
 The Da Vinci Code.   Computer interactive for students.
more coming!

Useful class material for teachers.

Mathematical Digests.   12 digests.    
Maths in the movies. Useful maths projects for students.  18 projects.
Projects in mathematics for students.  45 projects.
Favourite problems.   39 problems.
The lives of some famous mathematicians.    27 lives.
Algebra equation tests.   3 sets of 10 tests.
Entrance scholarship maths exams for Year 8 students.   3 exams.
Numbers, numbers, numbers!   13 types of numbers.
Unusual mathematics lessons.  One complete, others to be added.  
Topics to present to a gifted and talented maths class.
Crossnumbers.      12 different crossnumbers produced by Year 10 students.

There are 1180 pages available for Teachers!
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If you want the page, print it out and copy it for your class !!

Computer interactive challenges for families.

  Who wants to be a maths millionaire?      Computer interactive for families.

Guest site.
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Members site.
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The Mathematical Digest site can be accessed
by computer, by lap-top, by tablet and I think by i-phone
providing each has access to the internet.

Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to print any of the pages from this Mathematical Digest site. Use a colour printer!
New material is added throughout the year.

This site now has over 73 Mb of information.
There are over 1180 pages.
More will be added this year.
It is looking good!