Some unusual Maths lessons to try.

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The Golden Ratio.
a series of 4 lessons involving calculations, measuring faces,
playingwith numbers, climbing staircases, video of "Face", . video of Donald in Mathemagic Land.

The Bridges of Koenigsberg.
This is one of the most famous problems of mathematics.
map of Koenigsburg 1730.
Your task is to walk around the town and cross every bridge only
once and finish back where you started without getting your feet wet.
A path is a walk over all the bridges.
A circuit is a path that finishes where it started.
map of Koenigsberg 19th Century.
Another bridge has been added. Your task is still the same.
map of Koenigsberg early 20th Century.
A rail bridge has been built. Can you do the task now? Why?
map of Kaliningrad 1950.
One bridge was destroyed in the second World War.
Where would you build the next bridge?
map of Kaliningrad 2000.
What is the situation now?
Where is Kaliningrad?
Find another city with bridges, a river and an island.
Test this city for paths and circuits.
Who was the famous mathematician involved with solving the
Koenigsberg problem?
What branch of mathematics did the problem lead to?

Prime numbers.
What is a prime number?
"A natural number divisible by 1 and itself." 2 is prime, 1 isn't.
Division rules for numbers such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, ...
Class to list all the primes between 1 and 100.
Which years are prime? When is the next prime year?
Mersenne numbers and which of these are prime.
Large primes.
Large Mersenne primes.
The largest prime number so far discovered - Nov 17th 2003 !
What use are primes? Mathematical Digest number109 Page5
Twin primes, snowball primes, emirps,...
The last digit of the largest prime! What is it?


Approximations and Estimating.

Lattitude and longitude.

Poem Codes.
The poem codes as used by British agents in occupied
France during the Second World War.